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Doors and windows have changed dramatically over the past decades. Instead of wood and putty construction, it is now most common to have self-sealing vinyl or rubber gaskets sealing in the window panes. These extrusions require little or no maintenance. Check all glazed openings for proper seals, broken glass or damaged screens. Once a year clean screens and lubricate moving parts. Check weather stripping for damage and tightness each fall. Tracks of sliding doors and windows should be cleaned at least annually and lubricated as recommended by the manufacturer. Check caulking at doors, windows and all other openings and joints between dissimilar materials, e.g. wood/masonry. Door closures, lock sets and thresholds should be checked and adjusted as needed.

Inspect exterior doors each spring and fall for wear to see that weather stripping is tight or that vinyl/rubber stripping is glued or fastened tightly. For you own protection, we do not retain keys for your home after you move in. As a consequence, make sure you have sufficient keys cut for your family's needs and if you do lock yourself out of your home, you may have to call a qualified locksmith.

Do not install mini-blinds, shades, drapes or hardware on the inside casing that trims the windows. Doing so voids the manufacturer's warranty on the windows.

Some shrinkage and warping due to moisture/humidity changes is normal in doors and other wood parts. Typically, warped doors will return to normal as the season changes and often after the first year the problem will be minimal. During the hot summer months, remove the glass panels from storm windows and doors to avoid warping not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Garage doors and openers should be kept in good working order. For safety purposes, check all fittings, re-tighten if necessary, and oil the drive and mounting track for smooth operation. Cold weather may result in the garage door operator sticking or only partially closing/opening during the process. Do not manually release garage door until a check is made to make sure there are no obvious obstructions.

A garage door carries a great amount of weight and children should be warned against playing near a moving door or playing with the transmitters. Follow the manufacturers instructions to make any adjustments to door operators. DO NOT attempt to adjust overhead door coil spring tension. Tension bar spring assemblies are under extreme tension and can be very dangerous. Adjustments must be made only by professionals. Hayden does not perform adjustments or provide warranty coverage on any garage door openers not supplied as part of the original house purchase.

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