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Changes requested, following execution of the Change Order Acknowledgement are very costly in terms of both time and money, and will result in additional cost and possible delays in completion. Therefore, it is extremely important that any necessary Change Orders be completed two weeks prior to the pre-construction plan REVIEW and release of final plans, purchase orders, and work orders. The Company's policies for Change Orders are as follows:
  1. All Change Order requests and Special Price Information requests are coordinated through our Salesperson and should be initiated within three (3) weeks of executing the purchase agreement.
  2. All Change Order requests must be in writing and approved by the purchaser and the Company prior to the issuance of any change.
  3. The total charge for custom options must be paid in full prior to the start of construction.
  4. Payment is not generally required until closing for options selected from the list of Optional Features if the change order is executed prior to the execution of the Change Order Acknowledgement. Changes to the loan amount shown on the contract are not allowed unless you waive the Finance Contingency.
  5. In some cases, you may decide to purchase materials or services over and above our standard specifications with our lighting fixture supplier or our finish flooring contractor. In all cases, payment for the excess amount must be made directly to that vendor before delivery of the materials to the house. Your selections may require other changes and/or charges and may affect the scheduling and sequence of construction. Thus, your specific selections still must be made prior to the preconstruction meeting and shown on the Color Sheet, even if you are paying the contractor directly.
  6. Some items are originally written in the Sales Contract in the form of an allowance to cover a known desire to upgrade an area without knowing the exact level of upgrade desired. This is frequently done in the areas of lighting, custom audio systems, and specialty flooring. All "allowance" areas must be finalized (including the exact selection of the items and the adjustment of the amount of the allowance) at the time the Change Order Acknowledgment form is signed. We need to know all these details up front to build the home correctly, and because subsequent changes create more paperwork for everyone, a change after this time will be treated as a late change.
  7. An administration fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100) or 15% per item, whichever is greater, will be added to any Change Order requested after the Change Order Acknowledgement. Full payment for such changes will be required in advance of the change being made. Making custom changes and adding optional features to your new home is best accomplished during the planning process. After the Change Order Acknowledgement, preparation begins for the construction of your new home. Final plans are prepared. Building permits are ordered. Purchase orders are generated. The materials and labor to build your home are scheduled well in advance. Any Change Order requests after Change Order Acknowledgment require notification of numerous suppliers and subcontractors, and the revision of all pertinent paperwork. In most cases, Change Order requests made after the Change Order Acknowledgement are difficult, at best, to accomplish. And in some cases, certain changes may not even be possible after the Change Order Acknowledgement.

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