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Step 1: Introduction to the selection of Optional Features and Color Room.

Following the "Let's Get Started" meeting, our Salesperson will be meeting with you to begin the selection process. This meeting will be held in our color selection display room.

While our homes are already designed to include many of the features preferred by the vast majority of Hayden homebuyers, we also offer an impressive array of optional features that let you virtually design your own home. During your introduction to the Color Selection Room, our Salesperson will provide you with a list of standard optional features, a color selection guide, and a color selection sheet. A Personal Design Plan of your home will be available within two weeks. Price information on standard options can also be furnished at this meeting. You will then have all the information necessary to make final design, color and optional selection decisions.

If pricing information is needed for custom options or plan changes, you will be asked to supply us with a detailed description of the change. Our Salesperson will then complete the necessary Price Request Form and submit it to the Company. Special price requests must be submitted within two weeks of sale contract acceptance and will be available approximately one week after requested. (It is critical that these custom option price requests be made this far in advance of your preconstruction meeting as we cannot continue to price or plan for custom options as we are preparing for the preconstruction phase).

During this phase you will gather information about the optional features and the various material and color selections available, as well as the placement of any special electrical outlets, all telephone outlets, and cable outlets if applicable. (Electrical outlets are typically determined by building codes; light fixture locations are determined by our architect, interior designer, and lighting supplier.) The lighting supplier will provide you with assistance in selecting the appropriate lighting for you.

All of the standard materials and colors are available for your selection in the on-site color selection room. However, you may also wish to view other materials offered by our subcontractors and suppliers. Please consult with our Salesperson for the suppliers' name, address, and contact person.

Appointment Information for Lighting Selections:

Location: ________________________________________

Date: ____________________ Time: _________________

Meeting With: ____________________________________

Telephone: _______________________________________

Things to bring to the meeting: Lots of time and creativity; lighting allowance information; change orders authorizing additional light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.; Customer Mark-up drawing; and special ceiling height information if non-standard.

Step 2: Selection of optional features and finalizing your material and color selections.

At the conclusion of the selection and planning process, our Salesperson will arrange a meeting at which the color selection sheets and any changes (change orders) from your original purchase agreement are submitted along with the Personal Design Plan. Your specific needs regarding electrical outlet, telephone, cable, and intercom locations, additional light fixtures, etc., must be noted on this plan. Also, final lighting selections should be complete at this time. (It is advisable to arrange for the purchase of light bulbs at this time, so that our installing electrician can install the proper bulbs when the fixtures are installed.)

Upon completion of this meeting, our Salesperson will ask you to sign a final acknowledgement document verifying that we now have all of the final, complete, and accurate information necessary to prepare final plans and issue the work and material orders for your home. This should include the review and acceptance of any custom option price requests.

Appointment to Finalize Options, Colors, and Customer Mark-up drawing:

Location: ________________________________________

Date: ____________________ Time: _________________

Meeting With: ____________________________________

Telephone: _______________________________________

Things to bring to the meeting: Change orders as appropriate, completed color sheet, and completed Personal Design Plan.

Note: It is imperative that all selections be completed two weeks before the final plan review meeting (Section 6). We order the architectural plans necessary for permitting at this time. Subsequent changes will delay the permitting process and, correspondingly, the start of your home. Please make certain that you make note of any selection upgrades you have chosen in order to avoid any surprises at closing. Changes made after the completion of the selection and planning process are subject to the change order policies explained in Section 7, and are strongly discouraged.

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