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We understand that final preparations for moving and closing can be very stressful. Therefore, the salesperson will arrange to meet with you approximately two weeks before closing to review:
  • the closing process, time, location, documents, and the financial details to be concluded at closing, including a review of your Pre-closing Financial Summary;
  • the coordination of the installation and/or switch over of utilities, i.e., gas, electricity, water, telephone, etc.;
  • the procedures for your review and acceptance of your new home prior to move in;
  • our Hayden Customer Service program;
  • our Hayden Limited Warranty and our procedures for providing effective, warranty service;
  • The Maintenance Guide for your new Hayden Home;
  • The subdivision Indentures and By-Laws;
  • any questions you may have and assure that our activities are as closely coordinated as possible.
  • Lastly, in this type of home, one of the final items we review with you is your plans for an irrigation system. An irrigation system can be purchased through us whereby we will coordinate the grading of the lot around the roughed-in irrigation system. If you elect to purchase and install your own system after closing but before sod is laid, we will attempt to work with you to regrade the lot after your contractor has roughed-in the system. However, our goal is to sod the lot as soon as possible and if your system is delayed, we will have to sod the lot without your system being installed. This is not necessary if the system is installed after sod is laid or, of course, if you do not elect to install an irrigation system at all. In a related area, your Maintenance Guide strongly recommends that no landscaping be installed for an extended period of time after closing. If your landscaper installs any plants prior to our final grade, it may not only negatively impact the quality of the finish grade, but will again result in additional costs that will be covered with a Change Order.

Appointment Information for Pre-Closing Review Meeting:

Location: Sales Office

Date: ____________________ Time: ___________________

Meeting With: Site Sales Person



Things to bring to Meeting: Copies of Sales Contract and all change orders.

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