We at Hayden would like to be the first to welcome you to your new home. We are honored that you and your family have given us the privilege of serving you, and we sincerely hope that your home will be the source of much pleasure and happiness for you and your family for many years to come.

    You may be assured that your home has been built according to Hayden's demanding standards of quality. Not only are we proud of the quality of our homes, we are also proud that we back our homes with one of the finest, warranty service programs available in the housing industry.

    All new homes go through an adjustment or "curing" process during the first few months of occupancy as they adjust to the environment. During his "curing" period, there is a need for a team effort of your own simple program of home maintenance and Hayden's comprehensive warranty service program to ensure your maximum satisfaction with your new home. As part of the new homeowner orientation material, you will be given "A Maintenance Guide to Your New Home" that describes the simple maintenance procedures you should institute to supplement our warranty service program. Please take the time to read "A Maintenance Guide to Your New Home" and implement its recommendations as soon as possible. Remember - it's a team effort.

    The balance of this document describes Hayden's customer-service program and the procedures we have established to best serve you. These procedures have been developed as a result of Hayden's many years of experience as the most effective and efficient means of taking care of any adjustments that may be necessary resulting from the new home "curing" process. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with these procedures, so that we may most effectively serve you.


    Hayden backs your home with one of finest warranty programs in the housing industry. Our warranty program is a two-phase protection program that protects you from possible defects as follows:
    • For one year after closing, all workmanship and materials;
    • For two years after closing, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, and major structural elements;

    The details of your warranty coverage are extensive, and you should take time to carefully review The Hayden, Limited-Warranty Program. The purpose of this document is to familiarize you with the procedures for obtaining service under your warranty.

    Please note these important dates:

    Closing Date: __________________________________________________

    45-Day Scheduled Service Checkpoint: ___________________________

    11-Month Service Checkpoint
    (available only upon request):_______________________________


    The first of the scheduled, customer-service checkpoints occurs approximately 5 days prior to closing at your New Home Orientation.

    At the New Home Orientation, you will walk through your new home with a member of the Hayden production team. The purpose of the New Home Orientation is:
    • To verify the completed home meets your expectations and Hayden's demanding quality standards;
    • To document any items that might need adjustment;
    • To familiarize you with the features of your home and to demonstrate the operation of the various systems of your home, e.g., heating and air-conditioning, electrical systems, plumbing, appliances, windows, doors, and so on.
    • To point-out key maintenance items and tips for your own maintenance program.

    During the New Home Orientation, you and our representative will complete the New Home Orientation forms, noting any items that might need adjustment. Please take time to ensure that any broken or damaged items are identified and documented on the New Home Orientation forms; we regret we are unable to honor subsequent claims on such items, unless they have been noted during the New Home Orientation.

    Any adjustments noted during the New Home Orientation are the responsibility of construction management and are generally completed within 30 days. Please allow 30 days for completion of any adjustments by the on-site Superintendent's staff and acknowledge that work has been completed to your satisfaction by signing the appropriate documentation.


    During the first few months of occupancy, a home is typically experiencing the first change of seasons and there may be some items that need adjustment as a result of the "curing" process. As a consequence, approximately 45 days after closing, our Customer Service Department will contact you in writing, requesting your return of a Warranty Claim Form listing all new items to be inspected since move-in.

    In order to best serve your needs, we ask that you follow the procedures outlined below when requesting repair or warranty services. If you find items that need adjustment during the first 45 days, please maintain a list of these items on the form provided you at closing, and our Customer Service Representative will review them at your 45-day service checkpoint. The inspection by our Customer Service Department, can be scheduled for any weekday between 7:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
    • Our Customer Service Department will notify you in writing of the 45-day scheduled checkpoint. It is up to you to submit your warranty claim in writing so an inspection can be scheduled.
    • During your inspection, review the list with the Customer Service Representative item by item.
    • Our Customer Service Representative will carefully inspect each item and recommend the best course of action. In some cases, it is preferable to postpone adjustments until the home has undergone one full seasonal cycle. In other cases, it is appropriate to effect adjustments at this point.
    • Service orders will be prepared for each item requiring adjustment and they will be sent to the various subcontractors and suppliers responsible for scheduling and completing the work. Copies of these service orders are sent to you for reference. The subcontractor and/or supplier will call you within approximately one week to schedule either a meeting to inspect the work or to actually perform the work, and in some instances, we recommend you contact the subcontractor to expedite an appointment (between 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. weekdays) convenient to your schedule. In cases that require more than one subcontractor or supplier to work in sequence, we ask you to notify our Customer Service Department when each phase of the work is complete so that follow-up service orders may be released.
    • Please acknowledge the work has been completed to your satisfaction by signing the acknowledgement provided.

    In performing any drywall touch-ups, we will also perform corresponding paint touch-ups. To perform this touch-up properly, you must furnish us with the touch-up paint provided at your New Home Orientation. If you do not receive these at your New Home Orientation, notify us immediately. Do no use these paints for major projects as they may be needed for future touch-ups and new batches will not match as well. Also, we will attempt to touch-up the wall and ceiling colors as closely as possible, but since all paints fade with the passage of time (especially custom colors and dark colors), we cannot guarantee an exact match. We will not repaint entire walls or rooms as part of warranty work touch-ups.

    Please note, we regret that we are unable to accept broken or damaged items which have occurred following move in which were not noted during New Home Orientation.

    The procedures for assistance in an emergency are covered in Section 6.


    Hayden's warranty for workmanship and materials is for one year only, and we wish to ensure that any adjustments that may be necessary are identified prior to the expiration of the warranty. Therefore, during your 11th month occupying your new home, if you feel that any warranted adjustments or repairs are necessary, please submit your list in writing either by mail or fax. Our Customer Relations manager will contact you to schedule a Year-end Service Review with you at your home to ensure that any final items needing adjustment are identified and addressed. At that time, we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding on-going maintenance and your on-going warranties of mechanical systems and major structural elements.

    1. Simple Procedure - Year-End Service Review:

      • During the month prior to the 1-year anniversary date of your closing, if you require any final adjustments, complete the enclosed Warranty Service Request forms. Describe any requested adjustments as completely as possible and send the form(s) to the Hayden Customer Service Department, Seven The Pines Court, Suite A, St. Louis, MO 63141. You may also fax them to (314)434-5951. Please do not wait until your one year anniversary date to submit warranty claims. All Service Orders need to be issued by the anniversary date in order to be honored by the appropriate subcontractor.
      • The Service Department will call to schedule an inspection appointment.
      • During the review, our Customer Service representative will carefully review each of your concerns and answer any questions. If warranty work is required, a Service Order will be issued to the appropriate subcontractor. If you have not heard from them to schedule within 7 days, don't hesitate to contact them to schedule a date and time to coincide with your schedule.
      • Please acknowledge the work has been completed to your satisfaction by signing the acknowledgement provided.


    We have carefully designed our scheduled customer-service program to coincide with the critical points during the "curing" process. If you have concerns or spot minor items that might need adjustment throughout the year, we encourage you to defer any such items until the next service point, as conditions may vary as the "curing" process progresses. Also, we have found it is much more efficient and less disruptive of your own busy schedule if we are able to schedule workmen and subcontractors to a home at specific concentrated points throughout the year.

    In the case of major items, we understand your desire to make us aware as soon as possible. In such cases, please submit non-emergency requests in writing to the Hayden Customer Service Department, Seven The Pines Court, Suite A, St. Louis, MO 63141. They may also be faxed to (314)434-5951. We would prefer that you not telephone our offices for non-emergency items. In the event that you feel it necessary to call our offices with a major, non-emergency item, please take the time to write a letter of your concerns so that we do not rely upon the accuracy of verbal communication alone.

    While it is extremely unlikely, unfortunately, emergencies sometimes do occur. In the case of Emergency Requests (i.e., plumbing leaks, electric, loss of heating, mechanical malfunctions that jeopardize safety), call our Customer Service Department immediately - (434-0995).

    If an emergency should occur outside normal business hours, please do not hesitate to call the appropriate subcontractor directly. For your convenience, a list of telephone numbers of the subcontractors to call in an emergency is included in this notebook.

    Please confine this procedure to emergency items only! Please understand and respect that our subcontractors have established this procedure for emergency items only. Any non-emergency calls or requests for non-warranted service made to a subcontractor under this emergency procedure may make you liable for a service charge from the subcontractor.


    Your superintendent will review the operations of your appliances, heating and air conditioning units, etc. with you. Manufacturer's Operation Manuals and Warranties will be furnished to you in a binder at your New Home Orientation. In the event of a problem, you should contact the appropriate service department directly.

    Please take time to read the manuals and return the completed warranty cards to the manufacturers. Please do not forget, in order to initiate the warranty, it is important to complete and return the registration cards. We recommend that you store the binder in a safe file for future reference.


    The entire team at Hayden is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your new home. We are proud of our experienced, trained, customer-service staff and their dedication to serving your needs. In addition, in order to be most responsive to your needs and ensure prompt service at all times, we will maintain the complete history of your service orders and work completion dates, along with your name, address, and closing date in our computer files. Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions.


    Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. We are confident that Hayden's comprehensive, customer-service program combined with your own, simple maintenance program will assure you many years of pleasure and enjoyment in your Hayden home.

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